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The Calandex II
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Organize: Events - Appointments - Contacts - Messages - Itinerary
Track: Activities - Meetings - Lists - Budgets - Accomplishments
Export: Save - Print - Share - E-Mail - Cloud - Text Messages
Integrate: Groups:   Family - Friends - Businesses - Associations
    Congregations - Clubs - Leagues - Civic Organizations
Simple "Common Sense" approach !!!
Fast - Easy - Effective & Efficient

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The Calandex
'common sense' approach to small business, home and family organization software is designed to be fast and useful, as well as flexable to meet a variety of needs. You can organize, coordinate, track, and back up your family, civic group, and/or business affairs into one simple neat package of home organizer software .

With the Calandex Family Organizer, you can Text Message all your daily activities to your mobile with just a few simple clicks of the mouse. Just a few clicks our home organizer software can go to maps/directions and/or your E-Mail client already prepared with your combined schedule, directions, and contact information.

Take your calendar off your refrigerator and put up family pictures. Don't endanger your sensitive information if your mobile is stolen, damaged, or lost. Your personal and sensitive information belongs on your home (desktop) organizer software where it is easy to locate and safe behind your electronic firewall.

Our Engineers are currently working on 'Apps' that will allow you to sychronize your mobile device(s) with the 'Calandex Management System'.

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Customize the Calandex to meet your group's specific needs !!!
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